Being dumped because of your small penis?

Has there has been any situation where a guy is dumped because of his manhood size? Usually, a guy is dumped because he cheated or the girl cheated; probably because he’s such an asshole or he’s to good to be true. Mostly, dumping and ditching of a man is because of reasons that are already listed under the usual problems of a couple in a relationship. Man is the usual reason of break up because of lies. But is there a situation where a girl would ditch a guy because of his penis size? Whoa. That might sound so straightforward and tough. You might have heard of this but you never really experienced such. Or this has happened but no lady is vulgar and uneducated enough to announce to the whole world that what she had is like a cocktail size hotdog when what she wants is a regular sized one, or if fortunate, the jumbo hotdog. Guys, in reality, there are a few situations like this that after a night of almost reaching intimacy, a girl will just check out all by herself because the penis size is not enough to satisfy her. Sad but true. But there are still ways to move on from such humiliation. There’s still a chance.

I can’t blame these guys for resorting to an option that they see first just to redeem themselves from the mind-blowing humiliation they have encountered. But this is another fact that might bring you crying to the ground, a hard core truth. Penis pump does not work as you expect it to be, as how the testimonials claim it will work. It does not account to an addition on penis length, ever. It can somehow improve the erectile function of a penis but only if you are impotent but if not, sorry to shatter your dreams but it won’t work. Aside from the harm that the pump can cause the thin and sensitive vessels of your penis, the damage that it might give can be permanent and irreversible.

Are there other Options?

There are always other options, more options than this. But other machines are not what is meant by “others”. Because your creativity will be the key that will help you get through this hump in your life’s path. Acceptance will be the accelerator as you travel your life without those user ladies who’s happy with how they will hurt other. Here’s what you can do: be adventurous in bed. If the reality that your penis is a bit shorter compared to others but is still within the normal penis length of around five to seven inches when erected, then you got no problem. What you can just do is be a little on the wild side when in your bed so that you won’t feel inferior and your partner won’t feel that you’ll be a material to be ditched. Goodbye to all the penis enhancement stuffs there is. Just perform and be yourself and you won’t get eliminate ever.