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Debra Beck Lennox is an architect as well as an artist. She paints in watercolor, oil, and acrylic, while looking for moments of clarity in light and color that capture the essence of a place or mood. She also does printmaking using Japanese woodblock techniques, monotypes, and etchings.

Debra says, “Printmaking helps me really see the world around me. Simplifying the natural world to definite shapes and creating multiple layers that come together upside down and backwards pushes me into the intuitive part of my creativity that I crave. Painting in my studio has always been my happy place until I discovered printmaking. Now I can move back and forth between color and black and white, experimenting with new techniques & seeing familiar subjects with new eyes as I grow as an artist.

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Debra Beck Lennox: His and Her Greenlings
His and Her Greenlings

Debra Beck Lennox: Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith

Debra Beck Lennox: Octopus Garden
Octopus Garden

Debra Beck Lennox: Suzis Tower (etching)
Suzis Tower (etching)

Debra Beck Lennox: Big River Surfin
Big River Surfin

Debra Beck Lennox: Full Moon
Full Moon

Debra Beck Lennox: Humpback Mother and Child
Humpback Mother and Child

Debra Beck Lennox: Mendocino Starry Night
Mendocino Starry Night

Debra Beck Lennox: Stellar Sea Lion Sisters
Stellar Sea Lion Sisters

Debra Beck Lennox: Twilight Tidepool
Twilight Tidepool


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