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Karen Bowers writes, "For me, painting is a practice, a perspective on life. Each new piece presents a chance for optimism. This is why I paint and what I hope to convey.

"My painting life began while I was a graduate student in American politics and political thought at UC Berkeley. An architect friend introduced me to tube watercolors.  In 1979, we started the Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society, painting to record and commemorate places that were about to be changed in some way.  

"My painting education is largely self taught with interspersed workshops and classes with:  George Post, on location in Mendocino, painting and drawing classes at the SF Art Institute, figure drawing in Golden Gate Park, watercolor workshops with Warren Zimmer, Barbara Nechis and Frank Webb, and classes with Woody Hansen at Sacramento City College and with Bob Rhoades at College of the Redwoods. 

"After a career in politics and land use/environmental law policy, I moved to heaven on Navarro Ridge in Albion with my engineer husband.  I joined the local artist community and began painting the landscape I love!   Further,  my interests in California's environmental quality have been centered  through volunteer activities for  California Oak Foundation, California Wildlife Foundation, and Mendocino Land Trust.   I am honored to be a member of Mendocino Eco Artists.

"Today I teach painting at local art centers and in my studio.  My work has been represented by the William Zimmer Gallery, Mendocino Art Center, and exhibited at California College of the Arts, California Oak Foundation, California Wildlife Foundation and Yosemite Museum Gallery, the latter in a show of my work as an Artist in Residence at Yosemite National Park.  My paintings have earned national and local awards.   Currently, I show my work at the Artists Cooperative of Mendocino and Gallery Mendocino."

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Karen Bowers: Coast Monument
Coast Monument

Karen Bowers: Lands End
Lands End

Karen Bowers: Offshore

Karen Bowers: Spring Ranch Barns
Spring Ranch Barns

Karen Bowers: Thimbleberry in the Woods
Thimbleberry in the Woods

Karen Bowers: Blue Oaks
Blue Oaks

Karen Bowers: Chasing  the Light
Chasing the Light

Karen Bowers: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

Karen Bowers: Navarro Beach Under Fog II
Navarro Beach Under Fog II

Karen Bowers: Solo

Karen Bowers: Stolen Moments
Stolen Moments

Karen Bowers: Under the Fog
Under the Fog


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