Mendocino Eco Artists

Creatively Supporting the Environment


Keith Middlesworth started his sculpting career in New Mexico using both wood and stained glass. In 2008 he discovered the lost art of neon glass tube bending. After graduating from the Northwest School of Neon in Seattle, WA, he started sculpting his neon into art forms and has never looked back. His award-winning art can be seen in storefronts and galleries around Mendocino County. “I get my inspiration from the diversity of the wildlife and beauty of the Mendocino coastline. Every day I challenge myself to stretch my imagination through my art.”

Keith Middlesworth: Dancing

Keith Middlesworth: Loose Caboose Cafe
Loose Caboose Cafe

Keith Middlesworth: Neon Celebration
Neon Celebration

Keith Middlesworth: Neon Grill
Neon Grill

Keith Middlesworth: Neon Pelican
Neon Pelican

Keith Middlesworth: Neon Salmon II
Neon Salmon II

Keith Middlesworth: Neon Wading Bird
Neon Wading Bird


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