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Jim Moorehead - Photographer

My artistic vision is best conveyed through the camera's lens, allowing the photographic image to speak directly to the observer.  Since childhood, I've looked at the world through a viewfinder, sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally, trying to capture on film or digital memory that image that best records my impression of a scene, experience, person, whatever. I've traveled extensively and like to think that I've collected a record of my life through the camera lens.

Although the methods and equipment have changed radically from my first Brownie Hawkeye with its paper-encased roll film to the Canon digital SLR, my artistic skills are inherent, not tech dependent. The camera, software, printer, website are merely the tools used for expression of my art.

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Jim Moorehead: Blue Heron Oriental
Blue Heron Oriental

Jim Moorehead: Canola and Cloud
Canola and Cloud

Jim Moorehead: Field with a View
Field with a View

Jim Moorehead: Tulelake Winter
Tulelake Winter

Jim Moorehead: Audrey, Noyo Harbor
Audrey, Noyo Harbor

Jim Moorehead: Australian Pelican
Australian Pelican

Jim Moorehead: Bristlecone Triptych
Bristlecone Triptych

Jim Moorehead: Eastern Sierra Autumn
Eastern Sierra Autumn

Jim Moorehead: Koala Kangaroo Island
Koala Kangaroo Island


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